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  • Using tests for talent retention
  • Managing the gap
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Intrigued about PsychTests?

PsychTests have a toolbox full of tricks that make life of HR professionals easier and more predictable. We call it ARCH Profile.

ARCH Profile is an easy-to-use assessment delivery system used by HR managers, recruiters, management consultants, coaches, therapists and researchers.

With 90 tests to choose from, you will surely find one that assesses all the right personality traits, attitudes and aptitudes.

The extensive test battery is supplemented by additional modules: industry and custom benchmarks, customized interview questions, job analysis, 360/multirater system and candidate comparisons ... to provide you with a complete decision-support package.


Discover ARCH Profile! Which solution best fits your testing needs?


HR Professionals

Psychological tests can really simplify HR decisions. They can help you screen candidates, identify potential issues and training needs, evaluate job and cultural fit.
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Therapists and Life Coaches

Assessments can help your clients get the most out of their sessions. Gain instant insight about their personality, identify issues to work on, and quantify the success of an intervention.
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Coaches & Consultants

You need to diagnose problems, offer solutions and follow the progress of your intervention. With psychological tests, you can acomplish this complex task with greater ease and efficiency.
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Athletic Organizations

As every coach, scout and athlete knows, competing in sports is as much a psychological endeavor as it's a physical one. PsychTests offer unprecedented insight into an athlete's mind.
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